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Climate Change

As climate change grows in importance as a societal and environmental issue affecting the nation and the world, FYI is committed to covering climate research policy and funding. FYI tracks policy developments that have implications for the conduct of climate science and congressional oversight of federally funded climate science.

28 Mar 2014

The AAAS announced its What We Know initiative in mid-March and recently published a report on climate change to contribute to a larger discussion on climate change issues.  This topic was addressed in President Obama’s State of the Union though its existence is heavily debated in Congress, with many people unsure about it.  In January, the President announced ways that the Administration would pursue action on climate change.  “Changing climate is already harming western communities struggling with drought, and coastal cities dealing with floods,” Obama noted as he called

17 Jan 2014

The Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard held a December 12 hearing to assess efforts at the National Weather Service (NWS) to improve access, accuracy, and timing of weather forecasting and predictions.  The hearing demonstrated the bi-partisan interest in preventing economic losses and reducing the human toll caused by extreme weather events.  Coordination and cooperation efforts by the weather community were a focus of the discussions throughout the hearing as senators sought to build a “weather ready nation.”

13 Feb 2013

Last night’s State of the Union address and an event this morning held by the Office of Science and Technology Policy demonstrate the Obama Administration’s continued emphasis on the importance of research and development and related policy matters. The following are excerpts from the President’s State of the Union address regarding R&D funding, climate change, STEM education, and immigration reform:

R&D Funding:

19 Dec 2013

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee easily approved two important weather bills during a quick mark-up session on December 5.  In contrast to other committee markups that have reflected significant partisan differences, Republican and Democratic members commented on the bipartisan nature of the negotiations regarding the bills, acknowledging important input from the weather community in the development of the legislation.

20 May 2013

The Subcommittee on Environment held an April 25 hearing to discuss climate policy issues.

11 Oct 2013

A September 19 hearing in the Subcommittees on Oversight and Environment of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee provided Members with an update on potential national weather satellite coverage gaps.  A February 2013 report published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified a high probability in gaps in satellite coverage and addressed mitigation of those gaps in weather satellite data.   During the hearing, Members discussed the Administration’s priorities in research and funding for weather and climate-mo