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Department of Defense

FYI focuses on DOD’s basic research (6.1), applied research (6.2), and advanced technology development (6.3) activities. FYI also covers DOD’s overall R&D strategy.


4 Apr 2014

The appropriations cycle is moving ahead on Capitol Hill at a fast pace.  Two House appropriations subcommittees have already marked up their FY 2015 funding bills.  The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee hopes to have all twelve FY 2015 bills marked up by July 4.  The Senate Appropriations Committee is setting a similar schedule.

6 Mar 2014

The Department of Defense has requested $11,514.5 million for its three science and technology programs for FY 2015.  Total S&T funding would decline 4.1 percent from the current budget under this request.  The total Department of Defense budget would decline in FY 2015, from the current level of $496.0 billion to the requested $495.6 billion, a decline of $400 million or 0.1 percent.  Total defense S&T program funding would be 2.3 percent of the entire budget.