Department of Energy

17 May 2013

By a vote of 97-0 yesterday, the Senate confirmed Ernest Moniz to be the new Secretary of Energy.

23 Aug 2013

Earlier this month the Senate Appropriations Committee approved S. 1429, the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill for FY 2014.  Accompanying this $594.4 billion bill is Senate Report 113-85 detailing the committee’s budget and policy recommendations.

Title IV of this report, starting on page 144, outlines the committee’s recommendations regarding Research, Development, Test and Evaluation.  The Obama Administration requested $67,520.2 million; the bill provides $65,806.8 million.

24 Apr 2013

An integral part of the appropriations process are requests that representatives and senators make to the appropriations committees regarding future funding legislation.

22 Apr 2013

A letter is circulating in the Senate urging senators to demonstrate their support for three Department of Energy programs: The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, Energy Innovation Hubs, and Energy Frontier Research Centers.

16 Apr 2013

The Obama Administration has requested an increase of $646.7 million in the budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration in FY 2014.

12 Apr 2013

The DOE Office of Science is one of three federal S&T agencies for which the Obama Administration is seeking larger budget increases.

19 Jul 2013

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy held a July 11 hearing to examine Department of Energy (DOE) management and oversight of science and technology activities.

9 Apr 2013

There is every indication from today’s hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that committee members will approve Ernest Moniz’s nomination to be the next Secretary of Energy and send it to the full Senate for confirmation.

2 Apr 2013

Seventeen Republican and Democratic representatives have signed a letter to President Obama advocating “strong support of our nation’s High Energy Physics program.”

8 Mar 2013

“Sequestration cuts will have real and lasting consequences.” – DOE Office of Science Director William Brinkman

Office of Science Director William Brinkman testified before the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee on March 5.  In addition to his oral opening statement, Brinkman provided the subcommittee with written testimony. 


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