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14 Jan 1993

"When I assumed responsibility as Secretary of Energy four years
ago, the Department was a rudderless ship."
                           - DOE Secretary Admiral James Watkins

So began the 48-page 1993 "Posture Statement" distributed at the
January 8 meeting of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.  The
statement and meeting discussion summarized DOE's accomplishments,
and yet unresolved issues.

8 Jan 1993

On January 6, the Department of Energy and the Russian Federation
Ministry of Atomic Energy signed an agreement to collaborate on the
Superconducting Super Collider.  According to Secretary of Energy
Admiral James Watkins, the Russians will help with the "design,
engineering and production of two of the project's booster

20 Dec 1994

At noon yesterday, President Clinton announced $10.6 billion in
proposed cuts in the Department of Energy's budget over the next
five years.  It could have been worse: there has been considerable
speculation in Washington over the last few days that the
administration might have recommended DOE's termination.

14 Jul 1994

As reported in FYI #104, House science committee members Rick
Boucher (D-Virginia), Sherwood Boehlert (R-New York), and chairman
George Brown (D-California), have introduced a bill, H.R. 4684, to
authorize the Department of Energy's high energy and nuclear
physics programs.

8 Jul 1994


7 Jul 1994

With passage by the Senate on June 30, the fiscal year 1995 Energy
and Water Development Appropriations bill has cleared both chambers
of Congress.  A conference will now be scheduled to reconcile the
House and Senate versions of the bill. 

22 Feb 1994

The Department of Energy has requested $40,000,000 for the Advanced
Neutron Source (ANS), an increase of $23,000,000, or 135%, over the
FY 1994 appropriation of $17,000,000.

22 Feb 1994

The Department of Energy has requested $372,563,000 for Fusion
Energy, to be distributed as follows:

22 Feb 1994

The Department of Energy has requested $741,296,000 for Basic
Energy Sciences, to be distributed as follows:

BASIC ENERGY SCIENCES:   FY 1994 Approp.     FY 1995   Percent
(dollars in thousands)   (Adjusted)          Request   Change

22 Feb 1994

The Department of Energy has requested $300,841,000 for Nuclear
Physics, to be distributed as follows:


FY 1994 Approp.


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