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7 Sep 1994

The House has passed H.R. 4908, the Hydrogen, Fusion, and High
Energy and Nuclear Physics Research Act of 1994.  Included in this
bill is Title IV -- Miscellaneous Provisions, which deals
exclusively with "University Radiation Science and Technology."
This bill only authorizes DOE activity in this area; funding is
provided separately in appropriations legislation.

22 Aug 1994

Interspersed throughout the 31-page report recently released by the
Office of Science and Technology Policy are examples of science in
the national interest, which is also the title of the document.
Early on in the report, the authors state, "Vibrant scientific
disciplines are best guaranteed by the initiatives of talented
investigators and in turn provide the strongest and most enduring
foundation for science in the national interest.  That quantum
theory would lead to today's electronics, or investigations of DNA

18 Aug 1994


Yesterday afternoon, House and Senate conferees met to settle
differences in H.R. 4624, the VA, HUD, Independent Agencies
Appropriations Bill for FY 1995.  Conferees agreed on a 13.8%
increase in the NSF budget over this year.

Under this final version of the bill, funding for NSF will increase
by $412.8 million to $3,395.6 million.  This is $195.6 million
above the Clinton Administration's original request.  FY 1995
funding is as follows:

10 Aug 1994

On August 4, members of the House-Senate conference committee on
H.R. 4506, the fiscal year 1995 Energy and Water Development
Appropriations bill, reached agreement on a conference report.
This report now must be voted on by both chambers.  This FYI
contains funding amounts and selected report language on provisions
of interest to physicists.

Conference report funding (in millions of dollars):


9 Aug 1994

Members of the scientific and science policy communities have
responded to the Administration's science policy report, "Science
in the National Interest" (see FYIs #120 through #122).  Below are
statements by the chairman of the AIP Board of Governors, Roland
Schmitt, and the American Physical Society.

9 Aug 1994

Within the next few days the full House should consider H.R. 4908,
the Hydrogen, Fusion, and High Energy and Nuclear Physics Research
Act of 1994.  H.R. 4908 is a combination of earlier fusion, high
energy, and nuclear physics authorization bills.

5 Aug 1994

"Fundamental science is often the wellspring of advanced technology
in ways that are completely unpredictable."     -- "Science in the
National Interest"

5 Aug 1994

At a White House ceremony on August 3, Vice President Al Gore,
flanked by OSTP Director John Gibbons, NSF Director Neal Lane, NIH
Director Harold Varmus, and OSTP Associate Director M.R.C.
Greenwood, released a report outlining the administration's strong
support for fundamental research.  Entitled, "Science in the
National Interest," this 31-page report is a reexamination of the
rationale and outlook for federal support of science.

22 Jul 1994

Accompanying the Senate version of H.R. 4624 is a report providing
the Senate Appropriations Committee's views and recommendations.
A section of the report on the National Science Foundation outlines
subcommittee chairwoman Barbara Mikulski's (D-MD) and her
colleagues' views on funding for Major Research Equipment, and
Academic Research Infrastructure -- which includes the
establishment of a new program.  Final funding levels and report
language will be decided upon by a conference committee comprised

21 Jul 1994

As reported in FYI #106, the Senate Appropriations Committee on
July 14 passed H.R. 4624, the VA/HUD/Independent Agencies
appropriations bill for fiscal year 1995.  The bill now goes to the
Senate floor, although no date has yet been scheduled for floor


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