Gemant Award Winners


For his creativity in engaging broad audiences by passionately communicating cutting-edge science found in comic books and superhero movies through public lectures, books, and mass media presentations.


For bringing the excitement of physics and its cultural aspects to the public through her lectures, books, radio and TV appearances, use of new media, and outreach events.

Sean Carroll

For extraordinary public outreach on particle physics and cosmology, as an educator, author, public lecturer, and consultant for TV and radio programs, and for his pioneering work communicating with a variety of international audiences using social networking.

Edwin Krupp

For 40 years of extraordinary public outreach and education through planetarium shows and programs, award-winning popular books, articles, television programs, exhibits, lectures and public events, as well as for his outstanding archaeoastronomical research, exploring the links between astronomy and ancient culture

Lisa Randall

For forging connections between art and science, and bringing excitement to the public through artistry, creativity, and scientific credentials

Stephen Maran

For his extraordinary contributions to the public communication of astrophysics through popular books and articles for broad audiences, his mentorship of science writers, and his dedication to enhancing the dissemination of science news throughout the world.

Daniel Altschuler

For his decades of work bringing the excitement and beauty of physics and astronomy to the 4 million people of Puerto Rico, through his creation of The Angel Ramos Foundation Visitor Center at the Arecibo Observatory, his books and his own translations of them into Spanish, and through his popular articles, blog, and workshops for teachers and journalists

Brian Schwartz

For ingenious creativity in engaging the public with the history and cultural aspects of physics and for inventing ways to celebrate physics through such varied vehicles as plays, musicals, exhibitions, street fairs, cabaret, posters, and opera.

John Rigden

For a lifetime of enlightenment of physicists and the public. As a teacher, researcher, scholar, writer and editor, he has been an Ambassador of good will for the physics community par excellence

Andrew Fraknoi

For more than thirty years of effectively communicating his deep understanding and passion for physics and astronomy.