Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics

The Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics recognizes outstanding contributions by an individual or individuals to the industrial applications of physics.  The American Institute of Physics Corporate Associates and the American Physical Society (APS) alternate in co-sponsoring this $10,000 award with General Motors.  Where the AIP award recognizes scientists who have developed proven technologies, the APS award recognizes research that has excellent potential for future success.


Nominations should include:

  • A cover letter providing a description of the work for which the nomination is being made, its commercial significance, and a draft citation
  • List of relevant publications and patents
  • Letters of support (no more than four).

An Award Committee consists of five members and is constituted separately for each successive award. Members are designated by the Corporate Associates Advisory Committee. The Chair of the Corporate Associates Advisory Committee serves also as Chair of the Award Committee. The Executive Director of AIP serves as an ex officio member of the Award Committee.

Nominations are now closed.

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2016 Winner

Hendrik Hamann, winner of the 2016 AIP Prize for Industrial Applications of PhysicsHendrik Hamann

"For pioneering developments leading to the use of physical analytics and real-time sensor-based data to solve a wide variety of twenty-first century challenges."

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