J. Daniel Bourland

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J. Daniel BourlandJ. Daniel Bourland, PhD, earned his graduate degrees in health and medical physics from the UNC-Chapel School of Public Health. He has served on the radiation oncology faculties at UNC-Chapel Hill and Mayo Clinic, and is now Professor of Radiation Oncology, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering, Wake Forest University and School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC.

His research interests include dose calculations, radiosurgery, and imaging applications in radiation oncology. He practices clinical medical physics, directs the Wake Forest graduate program in medical physics, actively serves within several scientific and professional societies (American Association of Physicists in Medicine, American Board of Radiology, American Institute of Physics, and Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs), and is consultant to the FDA's panel on radiological devices. His first service to committees of the American Institute of Physics began in 1999 (Publishing Policy).