AIP Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
mmoloney [at]
+1 301-209-3131

Michael H. Moloney is the ninth CEO of the American Institute of Physics (AIP)—a federation that advances the success of our 10 Member Societies and an institute that operates as a center of excellence supporting the physical sciences enterprise. For nearly a century, AIP has worked to advance, promote, and serve the physical sciences. Since joining AIP in early 2018, Moloney has been leading a strategic transformation effort for the Institute in preparation for its centennial anniversary in 2031.

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
gswartz [at]
+1 301-209-3020

Catherine "Gigi" Swartz was elected Chief Financial Officer for AIP in June 2013. She joined AIP as the Assistant Treasurer in 1998 and was promoted to Controller and Assistant Treasurer in 2000. Gigi earned her MBA in finance from The George Washington University.

Chief of Staff
lcaron [at]
+1 301-209-3034

Liz has been a member of the AIP since in 2000. As Chief of Staff, Liz manages the AIP Executive Office and the agenda of the Executive Management Team (EMT), including its meetings, projects, and tasks. She is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with internal stakeholders across AIP to enable effective information flow and timely decisions, and external stakeholders, such as the AIP Member Societies, as critical to the success of CEO and EMT actions.

Chief Human Resources Officer
nrawlers [at]
+1 301-209-2017

Nancy joined AIP in October 2020 as the Chief Human Resources Officer. In addition to leading the human resource function, she has key responsibilities for delivering on the Strategic Framework goal of cultivating a talented, diverse, and engaged staff that delivers excellence to our stakeholders. She serves on the Compensation and Audit Committees. 

Chief Marketing and Communication Officer
pinchauteguiz [at]
+1 301-209-3115

Peter Inchauteguiz joined AIP in 2017. He is responsible for implementing and prioritizing the marketing, branding, and communication strategies and activities for AIP.  In addition, he leads the related AIP marketing and communication functions.