AIP/Member Society Venture Partnership Fund

Call for proposals for the 2019 AIP/MS Venture Partnership Fund Program.


To encourage collaborative partnerships among one or more Member Societies (MS) and between AIP.

Collaborative projects funded by the VPF are expected to be strategy-driven and promote growth, increased stature and innovation within the MS and the AIP federation.  Impacts can include the broader physical science community and/or other audiences.  Example partnership proposals could include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • A task force, study, or pilot project that addresses a major MS strategic issue,
  • Launch of an innovative or risky media or other public engagement experiment,
  • Research related to a key strategic MS issue such as diversity, outreach, history, student or member services,
  • Expanding MS and AIP global impact.


The Venture Partnership Fund is expected to accomplish several goals for Member Societies and AIP:

  • It will encourage communications and collaborations, strengthening the professional relationships among Member Societies' and AIP staff.
  • It will incentivize strategy- and growth-driven innovation among the MS and AIP.
  • It will demonstrate the value of AIP membership for our member Societies.

Proposal Development with AIP Areas of Expertise

Member Society proposals will be developed in concert with AIP staff and resources of relevance to the proposal. AIP has staff expertise in the following areas:

  • Student services
  • History of science, including archives, oral history, digital preservation, records stewardship and accessibility
  • Science writing, including public information and science journalism
  • Statistical research and analysis
  • Government relations, including policy analysis and outreach to policy makers
  • Education and career opportunities for those with a degree in the physical sciences
  • Organizational excellence and management, such as human resources, finance, governance, and employee and volunteer relations


Approved projects would be funded for up to two years with grants normally not exceeding $50,000 per year.  Under special circumstances, grants could exceed this amount.  Second year funding would be subject to satisfactory progress and approval by the VPFC and evidenced by progress reports that are due near the end of the third quarter of each funding year.  After two years, funded projects will end, obtain outside funding, or be deemed important enough to be integrated into the MS partners’ and/or AIP’s operating budget.  Note that VPF funds are not to be used to offset ongoing MS or AIP staff costs, unless they are uniquely qualified to carry out the specified activities, as indicated by the descriptions/CVs/biosketches of the project personnel submitted with the proposal.

Note: Expenses incurred by funded projects will be reimbursed by AIP.


The Board of Directors has appointed an independent Venture Partnership Fund Committee that will evaluate proposals for funding.  Proposals will be evaluated based on significance, relevance, unique aspects and innovation, methodology and expected results.

Proposal Timeline

Proposals will be due to AIP no later than June 22, 2018.

To apply:

Download and complete these 2 files:

Send completed files as email attachments to:

Bo Hammer
AIP Staff Liaison to the Venture Partnership Fund Committee
hammer [at]