I see Nobel in your future. . .

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5 October 2015

It’s Nobel Prize announcement week, and the science community has its ears perked for the news of what science will get the spotlight and which scientists will be recognized for their groundbreaking discoveries. This morning marked the beginning of the announcements from Stockholm for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

nasa.gov | go.nasa.gov/1QLmaORTomorrow (Tuesday, October 6) at or around 5:45 am Eastern, we will learn the winners for the physics prize. Many in our community have speculated, and some have been bold enough to make their guesses public. See Inside Science director Ben Stein’s prediction that he posted last week on the Inside Science Currents blog, based on a pattern of recent physics laureates. (Stein made correct predictions on the 2014 prize.) Thomson Reuters also came out last week with its list of Citation Laureates, “researchers whose work has achieved quantifiable esteem and impact in the scientific community, at a level far beyond the norm...[signaling] that they are “of Nobel class” and likely to earn the Nobel someday.” In any event, we’ll know tomorrow . . .

Set your alarm for the wee hours and visit NobelPrize.org to see the announcement. If you’d rather sleep in, we’ve got you covered. AIP will provide information and resources for the  Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry to help the community learn more about the science and communicate more effectively to the public. Physics Today and Inside Science are also planning coverage. Tune in . . . and take the opportunity to educate your friends and family about science.