House Science Committee Reorganizes for New Session of Congress

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Publication date: 
20 January 1993

Following new House rules for the 103rd Congress designed to reduce
the proliferation of subcommittees, the House Science, Space and
Technology Committee has been reorganized.  Its six subcommittees
have been reduced to five.  It retains unchanged its subcommittees
on Science, Space, Energy, and Investigations and Oversight.  The
Environment subcommittee was eliminated, and most of its
jurisdiction taken over by the Technology and Competitiveness
subcommittee, now renamed the Subcommittee on Technology,
Environment, and Aviation.

Rep. George E. Brown, Jr. (D-California) was re-elected by the
House Democratic Caucus to chair the Science Committee, which will
have a membership that is more than a third freshmen.  Brown has
chaired the committee for the last two of his 26 years in the
House.  The committee membership follows:

Committee on Science, Space and Technology:
George E. Brown, Jr. (D-CA), Chairman
Robert S. Walker (R-PA), Ranking Republican


Democrats                                Republicans     
Subcommittee on Energy:  
Marilyn Lloyd, TN, Chairman  
Robert C. Scott, VA*               Harris Fawell, IL
Bud Cramer, AL                     Steven H. Schiff, NM
Dick Swett, NH                     Bill Baker, CA*
Herbert C. Klein, NJ*              Rod Grams, MN*
Paul McHale, PA*                   Roscoe Bartlett, MD*
Sam Coppersmith, AZ*  
Jay Inslee, WA*  
Tim Roemer, IN  
Subcommittee on Space:  
Ralph M. Hall, TX, Chairman     
Harold Volkmer, MO                 F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., WI
Robert G. Torricelli, NJ           Dana Rohrabacher, CA
James A. Traficant, Jr., OH        Dick Zimmer, NJ
Glen Browder, AL                   Sam Johnson, TX
Jim Bacchus, FL                    Martin Hoke, OH*
Bud Cramer, AL                     Ed Royce, CA*
James A. Barcia, MI*               Jennifer Dunn, WA*
Eric Fingerhut, OH*                Steven H. Schiff, NM
Jimmy Hayes, LA                    Ken Calvert, CA*
John Tanner, TN                         
Pete Geren, TX  
Tim Roemer, IN  
Jane Harman, CA*  
Anna Eshoo, CA*                 
Subcommittee on Technology, Environment and Aviation  
Tim Valentine, NC, Chairman  
Dan Glickman, KS                   Tom Lewis, FL
Pete Geren, TX                     Constance A. Morella, MD
Tim Roemer, IN                     Ken Calvert, CA*
Dick Swett, NH                     Nick Smith, MI*
Herbert C. Klein, NJ*              Rod Grams, MN*
Paul McHale, PA*                   John Linder, GA*
Jane Harman, CA*                   Peter Blute, MA*
Don Johnson, GA*                   Roscoe Bartlett, MD*
Sam Coppersmith, AZ*               Dana Rohrabacher, CA
Anna Eshoo, CA*                    Dick Zimmer, NJ
Jay Inslee, WA*                    Martin Hoke, OH*
Eddie-Bernice Johnson, TX*         Ed Royce, CA*
David Minge, MN*  
Lynn C. Woolsey, CA*  
Nathan Deal, GA*  
Xavier Becerra, CA*  
Robert G. Torricelli, NJ  
Jim Bacchus, FL  
Subcommittee on Science:  
Rick Boucher, VA, Chairman  
Ralph M. Hall, TX                  Sherwood Boehlert, NY
Tim Valentine, NC                  Joe Barton, TX
Glen Browder, AL                   Sam Johnson, TX
James A. Barcia, MI*               Nick Smith, MI*
Don Johnson, GA*                   Peter Blute, MA*
Anna Eshoo, CA*  
Eddie-Bernice Johnson, TX*  
David Minge, MN*  
Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight:  
Jimmy Hayes, LA, Chairman  
John Tanner, TN                    Paul Henry, MI
Marilyn Lloyd, TN                  Constance A. Morella, MD
Pete Geren, TX                     Joe Barton, TX
Don Johnson, GA*  
Sam Coppersmith, AZ*  

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