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Publication date: 
5 January 1995

 The new Republican majority takes control of the 104th Congress on
January 4.  All congressional committees, including those
responsible for authorizing and funding the National Science
Foundation, NASA, Department of Energy, and NIST, will have new
chairs, and many will have their subcommittee structure revamped.
What will these changes mean for science policy?  Who are the new
Members of the reorganized committees, and what do voting records
say about the new committee chairs' positions on scientific issues?

The American Institute of Physics, through its Office of Government
and Institutional Relations, provides the physics and astronomy
communities with the information needed to understand what is going
on in Washington.  An electronic science policy briefing, FYI,
reports on congressional and administration developments.  This
publication, and other services, are described below: 


FYI is distributed several times weekly by electronic mail
subscription, and is also posted on AIP's HomePage and on PINET,
AIP's Physics Information Network.  In-depth coverage of policy,
budget, and related matters is provided, centering on
physics-related developments in the National Science Foundation,
Department of Energy, NASA, and the National Institute of Standards
and Technology.  FYI is available without charge.

You may subscribe to FYI using AIP's automated listserver.  Send an
e-mail message to "listserv [at]" and type "add fyi" as the body
of your message.  The listserver will pick up your e-mail address
from the header of your message.  If you wish to add a different
e-mail address than the one in your header, write "add `e-mail
address' fyi" as the message.  Do NOT send subscription requests to
our correspondence address, which is fyi [at] 

To remove your address, follow the above steps, substituting
"delete fyi" in the message field.  The listserver will not allow
deletions from any address other than that in the header; please
write to fyi [at] with such a request.

For an e-mail set of subscription instructions, write to
"listserv [at]" with the message "help".

FYI can also be viewed as follows:

- AIP's Physics Information Network (PINET) under Information. 

- Current and previous issues can be accessed on AIP's HomePage on
the World Wide Web ( under Online Products and
Services -- Electronic Newsletters.

- Previous issues can also be accessed via a gopher program or
through anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp).

FYI #2 will provide further instructions on viewing the FYI

AIP also provides a brochure entitled "Communicating with
Congress," with guidelines on writing to, and visiting with,
Members of Congress.  Single copies are provided at no charge.
Please send a self-addressed, stamped (32 cents) business-sized
envelope to: AIP Office of Government and Institutional Relations,
One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843.  A workshop kit
is also available for talks; please call (301-209-3095) for


This office has access to an electronic legislative data service,
and files are maintained on a variety of science policy issues.
Call for information on:

Members of Congress:  Districts, voting records, biographies,
office addresses and telephone numbers, and names of science policy
legislative assistants and appointment secretaries.

Science Policy Committees:  Committee rosters, names of key staff
members, jurisdiction, addresses and telephone numbers.

Scheduling Information:  Hearing schedules and the congressional

Reports and Documents:  Ordering information on major science
policy documents.

Legislation:  Copies of bills, cosponsors, status, and selected
hearing testimony.

General Information:  Call if you need assistance with the
difference between an authorization bill and an appropriations
bill, the name of President Clinton's science advisor, your Members
of Congress, or the roster of the committee with jurisdiction over
an agency.

These services are provided without charge by the American
Institute of Physics.  We welcome any suggestions on how to assist

E-mail correspondence address: fyi [at] (preferred)
Voice phone numbers: 301-209-3095 or 3094; fax number:
U.S. mail address: American Institute of Physics, One Physics
Ellipse, College Park, Maryland 20740-3843.

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