Bond Chairs Senate VA/HUD/IA Appropriations Subcommittee

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Publication date: 
17 February 1995

In the 104th Congress, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on
VA/HUD/Independent Agencies is chaired by Christopher Bond of
Missouri.  This subcommittee has control over the purse strings of
the National Science Foundation and NASA as well as housing and
veterans' programs.  Bond and his House counterpart, Jerry Lewis
(R-California) are key players in determining the fiscal year 1996
budgets for those agencies.

Bond replaces Democrat Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, who gained
attention during her tenure as chair with appropriations report
language directing NSF to perform more "strategic research."
Mikulski is now the ranking minority member.  The new subcommittee
roster follows:

Republicans: Democrats:
Christopher Bond (MO) Barbara Mikulski (MD)
Phil Gramm (TX) Patrick Leahy (VT)
Conrad Burns (MT) J. Bennet Johnston (LA)
Ted Stevens (AK)* Frank Lautenberg (NJ)
Richard Shelby (AL)* Bob Kerrey (NE)
Robert Bennett (UT)*  

*new Member of Subcommittee  

The subcommittee's address is:

VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee
U.S. Senate
SD-142 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-7211

Bond is described by "Congressional Quarterly" as conservative,
though not strongly partisan.  As a member of the agriculture and
transportation appropriations subcommittees, he has been involved
in obtaining highway and agricultural funding for Missouri.  He has
also worked on housing legislation, and successfully encouraged the
government to buy more fighter planes manufactured in his state.

An analysis of his 1993 voting record shows that Bond voted with
the President 31 percent of the time, with his party 83 percent of
the time, and with the conservative coalition 83 percent of the
time.  (This ranking, determined by "Congressional Quarterly"
magazine, measures how often a Member voted with a majority of
Republicans and Southern Democrats against a majority of all other

Bond has been consistent in his support of the space station in
recent years, while continuously opposing the SSC. 

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