DOE FY 1996 Appropriations Bill Mark-Up; DOE Authorization Bill

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Publication date: 
13 June 1995

Today the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations
Subcommittee marked up its FY 1996 bill, cutting over-all DOE
funding by 6%, or $940 million, from current year spending.  This
is 11% below the administration's FY 1996 request.  Subcommittee
chairman John Myers (R-IN) stated, "While the reduction to the
Department of Energy appears significant, it is targeted to the DOE
bureaucracy and those activities for which private industry support
is more appropriate.  The subcommittee's support for basic research
is continued in this measure."  A statement released by the
committee notes that "the bill...respects pending authorization
levels under development by various jurisdictional committees of
the House."  The appropriations subcommittee recommends a 22%, or
$718 million, reduction (as compared to FY 1995) in Energy Supply,
Research and Development Activities (which includes the fusion
program) for a total FY 1996 budget of $2,597 million.  The General
Science and Research Activities budget increases almost $7 million
to $991 million.  DOE requested $1,017 million for this budget.
Details of this bill will be reported as they become available.

The appropriations bill marked up today by Myers' subcommittee was
to be guided by the authorization levels in the Department of
Energy Civilian Research and Development Act of 1995.  This
authorizing legislation will next be considered by the full House
Science Committee, and then the House.  The outlook in the Senate
is unknown.  Below are authorization levels (i.e., maximum spending
levels) for some of the physics-related programs in this bill.  In
all cases, the administration requests were higher than the FY 1995
budget.  Note also that there is considerable detail that cannot be
reported because of space limitations.

Under the category of ENERGY RESEARCH:

Fusion Energy: FY 1995 - $368.4 million.  Subcommittee
recommendation - $229.1 million.  

Basic Energy Sciences: FY 1995 - $733.9 million.  Subcommittee
recommendation - $765.9 million.  Note that under this heading are
Operating Expenses for Materials Sciences.  FY 1995 funding for
Materials Sciences is $272.3 million.  The subcommittee
recommendation is $333.6 million.

University and Science Education: FY 1995 - $69.6 million.
Subcommittee recommendation - zero.


High Energy Physics: FY 1995 - $642.1 million.  Subcommittee
recommendation - $674.1 million.

Nuclear Physics: FY 1995 - $331.5 million.  Subcommittee
recommendation - $290.1 million.

Program Direction: FY 1995 - $10.4 million.  Subcommittee
recommendation - $8.4 million.

Total for General Science and Research: FY 1995 - $984.0 million.
Subcommittee recommendation - $972.7 million.

Update to FYI #74: On June 8, the House Legislative Branch
Appropriations Subcommittee voted to eliminate the Office of
Technology Assessment.

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