FY 1996 Budget Request: NASA - Human Space Flight, Space Science

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Publication date: 
10 February 1995

For Fiscal Year 1996, NASA has sent to Congress a request of $14.26
billion, 1.4 percent less than the current year.  The requests for
the Human Space Flight and Science, Aeronautics and Technology
accounts are highlighted below.

HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT:  $5509.6 million is requested, representing a
decrease of 0.1 percent.  Space Station programs within this
account would decrease 3.0 percent to $1833.6 million (additional
station funds are included within Life/Microgravity Sciences.)  The
cooperative program with the Russian Space Agency would decrease by
13.9 percent to $129.2 million.  The space shuttle would receive an
increase of 2.4 percent, to $3231.8 million. 

SCIENCE, AERONAUTICS AND TECHNOLOGY:  $6006.9 million is requested,
representing an increase of 1.1 percent.  Details are provided
below for selected programs within this account:

Program:                 FY96 Request        % Change
                         (millions)          from FY95
Physics & Astronomy      $1131.1             -005.4%
  AXAF                      237.6             +001.4
  Global Geospace Science     5.4             -086.5
  Explorer Development      129.2             +007.3
  Mission Ops./Data Anal.    28.6             -000.9
  Research & Analysis        90.4             +019.9
  Suborbital Program        106.7             +058.8

Within Research & Analysis, $15.0 million is provided for SIRTF
(Space Infrared Telescope Facility); within the Suborbital Program,
$48.7 million is provided for SOFIA (Stratespheric Observatory for
Infrared Astronomy).  Gravity Probe B is included as a separate
line item, pursuant to its approval by the NAS, but the $51.5
million required would need to be taken from elsewhere in the NASA

Planetary Exploration     $827.8             +001.3%
  Cassini                  191.5             -024.9
  Mars Surveyor Program    108.5             +082.7
  Discovery                103.8             -020.0
  New Millennium spcrft.     30.0             +185.7
  Mission Ops./Data Anal.  127.8             +009.0
  Research & Analysis      109.1             +000.7

Missions within the Discovery program include the Mars Pathfinder
($35.9 million) and the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous ($31.3

Life/Micrograv Sci/App.   $504.0             +004.3%
Mission to Planet Earth   1341.1             +000.1
Reusable Launch Vehicle    159.0             +023.7
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