House Budget Committee to Hold Field Hearings on Spending Cuts

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Publication date: 
18 January 1995

The House Budget Committee travels to Ohio, Arizona, South
Carolina, New Jersey, and Montana during the next four weeks for
hearings on federal spending.  In announcing the public hearings
entitled, "How Do We Cut the Federal Budget?," committee chairman
John Kasich (R-Ohio) said, "We're taking Congress on the road to
the places that never get asked their's about time we
let the people do the talking and Congress do the listening."

Each field hearing will last about 2 1/2 hours, and is open to the
public and the media.  The sessions are formatted so that "the
views of the people attending will consume the majority of the
hearing."  Kasich explained,  "We want to hear from the real
America outside the Washington Beltway, the America that pays the
bills.  Simply put, paid lobbyists and professional testifiers have
had their chance and will not be allowed to speak.  It's time to
hear from everyday people who will share reams of real life
experience in making ends meet, not reams of special interest
testimony."  The schedule released by the Budget Committee
(telephone number 202-226-7270) follows:

January 21, 1995; 3:00  pm
Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Dominican College Little Theater

January 28, 1995; 2:30 pm
Prescott, Arizona: The Elks Theater

February 4, 1995; 2:00 pm
Columbia, South Carolina: Airport High School Gymnasium

February 11, 1995; 1:00 pm
Manville, New Jersey: VFW Post 2290 Meeting Hall

February 18, 1995; 2:00 pm
Billings, Montana: Rocky Mountain College Gymnasium

The new Budget Committee will play a central role in implementing
the Republican Contract With America since it will shape overall
federal spending and taxation.  The Budget Committee establishes
goals and guidelines for other congressional committees to follow.
The committee is formulating proposals to reduce federal spending
by approximately $200 billion over five years to pay for the
Contract with America.  Last year, "Congressional Quarterly" said
an unnamed Kasich aide stated that massive cuts in domestic
spending programs, including the elimination of entire programs,
are likely.

Seven joint working groups composed of members from the budget,
authorization, and appropriations committees are developing budget
policy guidance for the FY 1996 House Budget Resolution.  The
"Natural Resources/Science" Working Group has a "Science Research"
Sub-Group.  Rep. Wayne Allard (R-Colorado) is the Group's chair.
He is joined on the Sub-Group by Rep. Robert Walker
(R-Pennsylvania) and freshman Rep. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), who
both sit on the Budget Committee.  Walker wears two hats on this
Sub-Group since he is House Science Committee chairman.  Commerce
Committee Chairman Thomas Bliley (R-Virginia) also serves on this
Sub-Group, as do House Appropriations subcommittee chairs Harold
Rogers (R-Kentucky) of Commerce-Justice-State, Jerry Lewis
(R-California) of VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies, and John Myers
(R-Indiana) of Energy and Water Development.

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