House Science Subcommittees: Basic Research, Energy & Environment

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Publication date: 
19 January 1995

The House Science Committee is the authorizing committee for the
federal government's science and technology policies and programs.
(An authorizing committee approves federal programs, but does not
fund them.)  Agencies under its jurisdiction in the 104th Congress
include OSTP, OTA, NSF, NASA, NIST, and the Department of Energy's
non-military R&D programs.  The committee has been reduced from
five subcommittees to four: Basic Research, Energy and Environment,
Space and Aeronautics, and Technology. 

This FYI provides the rosters and jurisdiction of the subcommittees
on Basic Research, and Energy and Environment.  FYI #9 will provide
the same information for the Space and Aeronautics, and Technology
subcommittees.  The quotes regarding subcommittee jurisdiction are
taken from the science committee's "Committee Rules for the 104th
Congress," approved January 5th of this year.  (Note: Full
Committee chairman Robert Walker (PA) and Ranking Democratic Member
George Brown (CA) are ex-officio members of each subcommittee.)


Republicans:                       Democrats:

Steven Schiff (NM), Chair Pete Geren (TX), ranking
Sherwood Boehlert (NY) Alcee Hastings (FL)
Joe Barton (TX) Lynn Rivers (MI)
Bill Baker (CA) Lloyd Doggett (TX)
Vernon Ehlers (MI) Bill Luther (MN)
Gil Gutknecht (MN) John Olver (MA)
Connie Morella (MD) Zoe Lofgren (CA)
Curt Weldon (PA) Mike Doyle (KY)
Roscoe Bartlett (MD) Sheila Jackson Lee (TX)
Zack Wamp (TN) vacancy
Dave Weldon (FL) vacancy
Lindsey Graham (SC)  
Van Hilleary (TN)  
Sue Myrick (NC)  

Jurisdiction:  "Legislative jurisdiction and general and special
oversight and investigative authority on all matters relating to
science policy including: Office of Science and Technology Policy;
all scientific research, and scientific and engineering resources
(including human resources), math, science and engineering
education; intergovernmental mechanisms for research, development,
and demonstration and cross-cutting programs; international
scientific cooperation; National Science Foundation; university
research policy, including infrastructure, overhead and
partnerships; science scholarships; government-owned,
contractor-operated non-military laboratories; computer,
communications, and information science; earthquake and fire
research programs; research and development relating to health,
biomedical, and nutritional programs; to the extent appropriate,
agricultural, geological, biological and life sciences research;
and the Office of Technology Assessment."


Republicans:                       Democrats:

Dana Rohrabacher (CA), Chair       Jimmy Hayes (LA), ranking
Harris Fawell (IL)                 David Minge (MN)
Curt Weldon (PA)                   John Olver (MA)
Roscoe Bartlett (MD)               Mike Ward (KY)
Zack Wamp (TN)                     Michael Doyle (PA)
Lindsey Graham (SC)                Tim Roemer (IN)
Matt Salmon (AZ)                   Bud Cramer (AL)
Thomas Davis (VA)                  James Barcia (MI)
Steve Largent (OK)                 Paul McHale (PA)
Barbara Cubin (WY)                 Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX)
Mark Foley (FL)                    Lynn Rivers (MI)
Steven Schiff (NM)                 Karen McCarthy (MO)
Bill Baker (CA)  
Vernon Ehlers (MI)  
Steve Stockman (TX)  

Jurisdiction:  "Legislative jurisdiction and general and special
oversight and investigative authority on all matters relating to
energy and environmental research, development, and demonstration
including: Department of Energy research, development, and
demonstration programs; federally owned and operated nonmilitary
energy laboratories; energy supply research and development
activities; nuclear and other advanced energy technologies; general
science and research activities; uranium supply, enrichment, and
waste management activities as appropriate; fossil energy research
and development; clean coal technology; energy conservation
research and development; science and risk assessment activities of
the Federal Government; Environmental Protection Agency research
and development programs; and National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration, including all activities related to weather,
weather services, climate, and the atmosphere, and marine,
fisheries, and oceanic research."

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