House VA/HUD Appropriations Subcommittee Marks Up Bill

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Publication date: 
11 July 1995

The House VA/HUD/Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee,
chaired by Jerry Lewis (R-CA), on July 10 marked up its version of
the FY 1996 appropriations bill funding NSF and NASA, among other
agencies.  While the Department of Housing and Urban Development
and EPA reportedly received the largest cuts, few programs remained
unscathed.  Both NSF and NASA would be subject to some reductions.

According to reports, NSF would receive a total of $3.16 billion
for FY 1996, compared to a request of $3.36 billion.  NSF's
current-year budget is $3.26 billion.  This reduction of $200
million from the request would be taken entirely from the Research
and Related Activities (R&RA) Account.  Under the bill, R&RA would
receive $2.25 billion.  (Current R&RA funding is $2.28 billion; the
FY96 request is $2.45 billion.) 

NSF's other accounts would all receive their full FY 1996 requests,
as shown below (amounts are in millions):


  FY95        FY96 VA/HUD
  Funding Request Bill
Total NSF $3,263 3,360 3,160
R&RA 2,280 2,454 2,254
Education/Hum Resources 606 599 599
Acad. Res. Infrastructure 118 100 100
Major Res. Equipment 126 70 70
Salaries/Expenses 124 127 127
Relocation 5 5 5
Inspector General 4 5 5

NASA would reportedly receive about $13.54 billion, a reduction of
$720 million from the FY 1996 request of $14.26 billion.
Current-year NASA funding is $14.46 billion.  In its bill, the
subcommittee provided the requested amounts for the following
programs: the space shuttle (request: $3,232 million), the space
station (request: $1,833 million plus additional funding within
life and microgravity sciences), the reusable launch vehicle
(request: $159 million), and the Earth Observing System (request:
$591 million).  However, the bill would cancel the Cassini mission
to Saturn (request: $192 million), and delay funding for the
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) and the
Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF). 

The subcommittee also recommended closure of three NASA centers by
the beginning of fiscal year 1998: Goddard Space Flight Center,
Marshall Space Flight Center, and Langley Research Center.  It
proposed transferring Goddard's functions to the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory in California.

The VA/HUD appropriations bill is currently scheduled to be taken
up by the full House Appropriations Committee on July 18.  It is
expected to move to the House floor shortly after the committee

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