House Vote on National Lab Staffing Cut

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Publication date: 
27 October 1995

During the October 11 House floor debate on the H.R. 2405, the
Omnibus Science Authorization Act, Rep. Tim Roemer (D-IN) offered
an amendment to cut the staff at all the national laboratories by
one-third, except for those of the Department of Defense (see FYIs
#150, 151, 152).  The downsizing would take place over five years.
The amendment was rejected, 135-286.  Below are the names of
representatives who voted FOR the amendment to cut national lab
staffing, and those who did not vote.  Those who voted AGAINST the
amendment are not listed.

*** YEAS (135)**************************************************

DEMOCRATS (51)    
Andrews R (NJ) Jacobs A (IN) Obey D (WI)
Barcia J (MI) Johnson T (SD) Owens M (NY)
Barrett T (WI) Kanjorski P (PA) Parker M (MS)
Cardin B (MD) Kaptur M (OH) Peterson C (MN)
Clayton E (NC) Kennedy P (RI) Pomeroy E (ND)
Condit G (CA) Kleczka G (WI) Poshard G (IL)
Conyers J (MI) Klink R (PA) Reed J (RI)
Costello J (IL) Lincoln B (AR) Roemer T (IN)
Coyne W (PA) Lowey N (NY) Sabo M (MN)
Danner P (MO) Luther W (MN) Schroeder P (CO)
Doggett L (TX) Mascara F (PA) Stark P (CA)
Doyle M (PA) McHale P (PA) Stenholm C (TX)
Frank B (MA) Meehan M (MA) Stupak B (MI)
Geren P (TX) Minge D (MN) Taylor G (MS)
Hamilton L (IN) Mink P (HI) Vento B (MN)
Harman J (CA) Montgomery G (MS) Visclosky P (IN)
Holden T (PA) Neal R (MA) Waters M (CA)
Allard W (CO) Gilchrest W (MD) Ney B (OH)
Ballenger C (NC) Goss P (FL) Norwood C (GA)
Barr B (GA) Greenwood J (PA) Oxley M (OH)
Barton J (TX) Hancock M (MO) Petri T (WI)
Brownback S (KS) Hayworth J (AZ) Portman R (OH)
Burr R (NC) Heineman F (NC) Pryce D (OH)
Burton D (IN) Hobson D (OH) Radanovich G (CA)
Callahan S (AL) Hoekstra P (MI) Ramstad J (MN)
Camp D (MI) Hoke M (OH) Rohrabacher D (CA)
Castle M (DE) Hostettler J (IN) Roth T (WI)
Chenoweth H (ID) Inglis B (SC) Royce E (CA)
Christensen J (NE) Istook E (OK) Salmon M (AZ)
Coble H (NC) Johnson S (TX) Sanford M (SC)
Coburn T (OK) Kasich J (OH) Scarborough J (FL)
Collins M (GA) Klug S (WI) Shadegg J (AZ)
Combest L (TX) LaHood R (IL) Shays C (CT)
Cooley W (OR) Largent S (OK) Smith L (WA)
Cox C (CA) Latham T (IA) Smith N (MI)
Cremeans F (OH) Laughlin G (TX) Souder M (IN)
Cubin B (WY) Linder J (GA) Stearns C (FL)
Deal N (GA) LoBiondo F (NJ) Stockman S (TX)
Ensign J (NV) Longley J (ME) Stump B (AZ)
Everett T (AL) McIntosh D (IN) Talent J (MO)
Flanagan M (IL) Metcalf J (WA) Tauzin W (LA)
Foley M (FL) Miller D (FL) Thornberry W (TX)
Fox J (PA) Myers J (IN) Upton F (MI)
Franks B (NJ) Myrick S (NC) Vucanovich B (NV)
Funderburk D (NC) Neumann M (WI) Watts J (OK)
*** NOT VOTING (12)* ******************** **************************
Fields C (LA) Tejeda F (TX) Volkmer H (MO)
Kennelly B (CT) Tucker W (CA) Wilson C (TX)
Moakley J (MA)    
Bass C (NH) Gingrich N (GA) Zeliff B (NH)
Dornan R (CA) Schiff S (NM)  
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