PCAST Fusion Working Group Established

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Publication date: 
7 April 1995

During last week's meeting of the President's Committee of Advisors
on Science and Technology (PCAST) it was announced that a Fusion
Working Group was being established.  As described at this meeting,
the Working Group is to provide "thoughtful advice on the outlook
for the fusion program."

The Working Group was established in response to the conference
report accompanying the FY 1995 Energy and Water Development
Appropriations bill.  In this report, House and Senate conferees
stated: "Because of the large budgetary requirements needed in the
future for the fusion energy development program and other issues
related to the development of fusion as an attractive energy
resource, the conferees urge the President's Advisory Council on
Science and Technology to undertake a review and evaluation of
magnetic fusion and inertial confinement fusion energy development.
The Council is also urged to issue a report that will help shape
the direction of the Nation's effort on these important energy
sources for the future."

The Working Group is to complete this report by June 29, when PCAST
holds its next meeting.  It was acknowledged that it is going to be
a "challenge to get this study done," by the deadline.  Meetings
are closed to the public, with some of the work to be done by
e-mail and conference telephone calls.  Inertial confinement fusion
will not be examined because of time constraints.  It is hoped that
the study's timing will permit its use by Congress as it considers
the FY 1996 DOE budget.  The Administration will use the report in
formulating the FY 1997 budget request, a process which is now in
its formative stages.

John P. Holdren, University of California, Berkeley, is chair of
the Working Group.  Other members, some of which are not PCAST
members (and so designated with an *), are:

Norman R. Augustine, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Charles M. Vest, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu, IBM

Robert Conn, University of California, San Diego*

Lawrence Papay, Southern California Edison Company*

Stewart Prager, University of Wisconsin*

Andrew Sessler, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory*

Robert Socolow, Princeton University*

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