"A Question of Priorities": Ensign Amendment Vote to Cut NSF, NASA

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Publication date: 
25 August 1995

The following representatives voted in favor of an amendment
offered by Rep. John Ensign (R-Nevada) to reduce the FY 1996
appropriation for the National Science Foundation and NASA.  Under
this amendment, which was rejected by the House 121-296, the
Department of Veterans Affairs appropriation for Medical Care would
have increased.  Offsetting this increase would have been a $235
million reduction in NSF's Research and Related Activities
appropriation and an $89.5 million reduction in NASA's Human Space
Flight Account.

Members listed below voted IN FAVOR of reducing the NSF and NASA
appropriation.  Also listed below are those Members who did not
vote.  ALL OTHER MEMBERS OPPOSED the proposed NSF and NASA
reductions (they have not been listed because of space

*** YEAS (121) ***************************************************

DEMOCRATS (75)    
Ackerman G (NY) Furse E (OR) Owens M (NY)
Bishop S (GA) Gejdenson S (CT) Pallone F (NJ)
Bonior D (MI) Gephardt R (MO) Pastor E (AZ)
Brown C (FL) Geren P (TX) Payne L (VA)
Brown S (OH) Gordon B (TN) Peterson C (MN)
Bryant J (TX) Gutierrez L (IL) Pomeroy E (ND)
Clyburn J (SC) Hall R (TX) Poshard G (IL)
Collins B (MI) Hamilton L (IN) Rahall N (WV)
Condit G (CA) Hefner W (NC) Reed J (RI)
Conyers J (MI) Holden T (PA) Rivers L (MI)
Costello J (IL) Jacobs A (IN) Roemer T (IN)
Coyne W (PA) Johnson T (SD) Skelton I (MO)
Danner P (MO) Kennedy P (RI) Stenholm C (TX)
DeFazio P (OR) Kildee D (MI) Stupak B (MI)
DeLauro R (CT) Kleczka G (WI) Tejeda F (TX)
Dingell J (MI) Lipinski W (IL) Thompson B (MS)
Durbin R (IL) Maloney C (NY) Thornton R (AR)
Edwards C (TX) Manton T (NY) Traficant  (OH)
Engel E (NY) Martinez M (CA) Velazquez  (NY)
Evans L (IL) McNulty M (NY) Volkmer H (MO)
Fattah C (PA) Menendez R (NJ) Ward M (KY)
Fields C (LA) Mink P (HI) Waters M (CA)
Filner B (CA) Montgomery G (MS) Wise B (WV)
Foglietta T (PA) Obey D (WI) Woolsey L (CA)
Frost M (TX) Orton B (UT) Wyden R (OR)
INDEPENDENTS (1) Sanders B (VT)  
Allard W (CO) Dickey J (AR) McHugh J (NY)
Bilbray B (CA) Ensign J (NV) McInnis S (CO)
Brownback S (KS) Fox J (PA) McIntosh D (IN)
Burr R (NC) Gilman B (NY) Molinari S (NY)
Camp D (MI) Goodlatte R (VA) Myers J (IN)
Canady C (FL) Goodling B (PA) Norwood C (GA)
Chabot S (OH) Heineman F (NC) Ramstad J (MN)
Chambliss S (GA) Herger W (CA) Riggs F (CA)
Chenoweth H (ID) Hilleary V (TN) Saxton H (NJ)
Christensen J (NE) Hostettler J (IN) Smith N (MI)
Coble H (NC) Hutchinson T (AR) Tate R (WA)
Coburn T (OK) Jones W (NC) Vucanovich (NV)
Collins M (GA) Kelly S (NY) Watts J (OK)
Crapo M (ID) Latham T (IA) Weller J (IL)
Cremeans F (OH) LoBiondo F (NJ) Whitfield (KY)
*** NAYS (296) *********** *********************** *****************
DEMOCRATS (113)    
REPUBLICANS (183)      (Al All Members not otherwise listed.)
*** NOT VOTING (18) ****** *********************** *****************
DEMOCRATS (13)    
Becerra X (CA) ? Hall T (OH) ? Stark P (CA) ?
Farr S (CA) + Moakley J (MA) ? Thurman (FL) ?
Flake F (NY) ? Reynolds M (IL) ? Tucker (CA) ?
Ford H (TN) ? Rush B (IL) ? Yates S (IL) ?
Green G (TX) -    
Gingrich N (GA) S Meyers J (KS) ? Young D (AK) ?
Hoke M (OH) ? Moorhead C (CA) ?  


KEY -- Special Categories of Not Voting
#  Paired For         X  Paired Against
S  Speaker exercised discretion not to vote
?  Did not vote or make position known

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