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Publication date: 
6 July 1995

week, the full House will consider H.R. 1905, the Energy and Water
Development Appropriations Bill for FY 1996.  Numerous amendments
are expected.  Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) will reportedly offer an
amendment to make significant funding cuts in the general science
and energy supply R&D portions of this bill.  There appears to be
little support for his amendment.

FINAL BUDGET RESOLUTION:  FYI #90 contained projections on future
science and technology spending prepared by the American
Association for the Advancement of Science.  As noted, these
figures were based on the House version of the budget resolution.
The AAAS has updated their projections to reflect additional
language in the final budget resolution.  The following changes
were made in the figures shown in FYI #90.  In each case, the
reduction is less than in the House version (DOE, NIST, and two NSF
projections remain unchanged.)

  National Science Foundation:
   Total NSF R&D declines by 18.1%
   Research and Related Activities declines by 7.1%
   Education and Human Resources declines by 17.6%

   Total NASA R&D declines by 35.9%
   NASA SAT [science, aeronautics, and technology] Space R&D     
    declines by 35.2%
   NASA Human Space Flight declines by 35.1%
   NASA Mission Support declines by 18.8%

RESCISSIONS BILL: The objections of two senators to H.R. 1944, a
$16.3 billion rescissions bill to reduce current year spending,
blocked this legislation's final passage.  With the time remaining
in this fiscal year rapidly shrinking, the outlook for this bill is
increasingly pessimistic.  Failure to pass this bill will mean that
the VA, HUD, Independent Agencies appropriations subcommittees will
have to make large reductions in the amount of money they have
available for FY 1996 funding for agencies under their
jurisdiction, such as NSF and NASA.

YERGIN TASK FORCE REPORT:  This report, summarized in FYI #87, is
available on the DOE WWW Homepage at the following address:

FORMER NSF DIRECTOR WALTER MASSEY has been appointed president of
Morehouse College in Atlanta. 

FYI has a new, more descriptive name, as shown above.  Please use
it in future citations!