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Publication date: 
29 September 1995


A quick and easy-to-use search mechanism has been developed for
1995 issues of FYI.  This feature can be accessed at the following
URL address:

After entering a key word(s), a list of issues will be provided,
complete with the title, date, and issue number.  Direct access to
the complete text of each issue is just a mouse click away.


AIP has a HomePage on the World Wide Web at the following URL

Information is provided on this HomePage about AIP, its
publications, publishing services, online products and services,
electronic products, and its Physics Programs Branch.  This last
category contains AIP's Online Career Planning and Placement
Service, a new Physics Careers Bulletin Board, and information on
the Congressional Science Fellowships.  This HomePage also has
links to other AIP Member Societies and WWW resources, and
information on employment opportunities with AIP.

An archive of FYI issues can be accessed at "Online Products and
Services; Electronic Newsletters; FYI."  Access to the FYI search
mechanism is also provided at this point.  Other electronic
newsletters are found here, including another product of our Public
Information Division: "Physics News Update, The American Institute
of Physics Bulletin of Physics News."


Electronic subscriptions to FYI are free.  You may subscribe to FYI
using AIP's automated listserver.  Send an e-mail message to
"listserv [at]" and type "add fyi" as the body of the message.
The listserver will pick up your e-mail address from the header of
your message.  If you wish to add a different e-mail address than
the one in your header, write "add fyi" as the message. DO NOT send subscription requests to our correspondence address, which is fyi [at] To remove your address, follow the above steps, substituting "delete fyi" in the message field. The listserver will not allow deletions from any address other than that in the header; please write to fyi [at] with such a request.

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