FY 2004 Budget Cycle Completed

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Publication date: 
23 January 2004

Yesterday the Senate passed the $820 billion omnibus appropriations bill, and sent it on to President Bush for his signature. With this action the FY 2004 budget cycle that began almost one year ago was completed. Details of the appropriations bills for various physics-related programs can be found on the AIP Science Policy Budget Information site at http://www.aip.org/gov/budginfo.htmlNote that program content sometimes changes, especially in the case of NASA. The following figures represent the increases or decreases in the FY 2004 budgets for these programs as compared to the FY 2003 budget.

Dept. of Homeland Security: Research, Development, Acquisition and Operations: Up 58.4%
Department of Education Math and Science Partnerships: Up 48.5%
DOD Advanced Technology Development Program (6.3): Up 24.3%
NASA Space Flight Capabilities: Up 20.8%
DOE Biological and Environmental Research Program : Up 16.9%
DOD Science and Technology Programs (6.1, 6.2, 6.3): Up 13.3%
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Program: Up 6.3%
DOE Office of Science: Up 5.2%
National Science Foundation: Up 5.0%
NSF Research and Related Activities: Up 4.8%
DOD Applied Research Program (6.2): Up 4.7%
NSF Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction: Up 4.3%
NSF Education and Human Resources: Up 4.0%
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering: Up 3.2%
U.S. Geological Survey: Up 2.7%
DOE Nuclear Physics Program: Up 2.7%
[Increase in Consumer Price Index from 12/2002 to 12/2003: Up 1.9%]
DOE High Energy Physics Program: Up 0.5%
DOD Basic Research Program (6.1): Up 0.1%

DOE Basic Energy Sciences Program: Approximately flat funding
NIST Advanced Technology Program: Approximately flat funding

NASA: Down less than 1.0% NIST Scientific and Technical Research and Services: Down 4.3%
National Institute of Standards and Technology: Down 11.8%
NASA Science, Aeronautics and Exploration: Down 14.4%
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program: Down 62.8%

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