FY 2006 U.S. Geological Survey Budget Request

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Publication date: 
11 February 2005

The Bush Administration has requested essentially level funding for the U.S. Geological Survey in FY 2006. The request sent to Congress this week recommends a 0.2% or $2.0 million reduction in the survey's budget, from $935.5 million this year to $933.6 million in FY 2006.

USGS Director Charles Groat commented on the budget, stating: "We will continue to provide timely, objective scientific information needed by today's land and water managers. Our 2006 budget continues our ever-growing quest for knowledge to answer today's questions by ensuring our continued ability to provide Landsat imagery of the Earth, strengthening our volcanic monitoring, and by allowing us to enhance our earthquake detection and notification systems to assist in warning U.S. residents in the event of a tsunami in the Pacific or the Caribbean."

Survey documents explain that the FY 2006 budget proposes to add $50.5 million in new funding for "earth observation, natural hazards research and warning systems, ecosystem studies, biology, and water availability." Of this amount, $33.4 million would be for new and expanded program funding, with an additional $17.1 million for fixed costs. This increased funding would be offset by a $36.7 million reduction "from lower priority research activities" that includes $12.0 million in congressional earmarks.

The Administration proposes the following changes in the USGS budget for FY 2006, as compared to the current year. Readers needing additional information should consult:

Mapping, Remote Sensing, & Geographic Investigations: An increase of 17.4% or $20.7 million, from $118.8 million to $139.5 million.

Geologic Hazards, Resource, and Processes: A reduction of 9.2% or -$21.1 million, from $229.3 million to $208.1 million.

Water Resources Investigations: A reduction of 3.3% or -$7.0 million, from $211.2 million to $204.2 million.

Biological Research: An increase of 0.7% or $1.2 million, from $171.7 million to $173.0 million.

Enterprise Information: An increase of 7.7% or $3.4 million, from $44.4 million to $47.8 million.

Science Support: An increase of 1.2% or $753,000 from $65.6 million to $66.3 million.

Facilities: An increase of 0.1% or $115,000 from $94.6 million to $94.7 million.

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