Reminder: Deadline Approaching for AIP State Dept. Fellowship

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Publication date: 
5 October 2005

This is a reminder to members of all AIP Member Societies - the application deadline for the 2006-2007 AIP State Department Science Fellowship is NOVEMBER 1. For scientists interested in the nexus between foreign policy and science, there is still time to apply to this program.

The U.S. Department of State needs access to scientific and technological expertise in order to adequately address a wide range of global issues. The AIP State Department Science Fellowship places one or more qualified scientists in the State Department for a year to offer their knowledge and analytical skills. Helping to develop international cybersecurity agreements, providing an early heads-up on emerging S&T issues, contributing to preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, promoting the use of satellite imaging data for diplomatic purposes, dealing with export control issues, and addressing exploitation of biological resources and regulation of bioengineered agricultural products in other countries: these are some of the ways in which former AIP Fellows have contributed to the work of the State Department.

AIP is currently seeking applicants for the 2006-2007 State Department Science Fellowship. The term will start in the fall of 2006. Qualified scientists at any stage of their career are encouraged to apply. Information on applying for the 2006-2007 Fellowship term by the November 1, 2005 deadline is provided below. Interested readers can also see our web site at for more information on the program.

The AIP Fellowship is run under the auspices of the Association for the Advancement of Science's Science and Technology Policy Fellowships. Currently, AIP receives an annual contribution from the American Astronomical Society to help support this Fellowship program.


Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have a PhD in physics or a closely related field, be members of one or more of AIP's ten Member Societies, and be eligible to receive an appropriate security clearance prior to starting the Fellowship. (In exceptional cases the PhD requirement may be waived for outstanding applicants with equivalent research experience.) Once selected, the Fellow will work with the State Department to arrange an assignment. The following materials should be submitted by mail or email to be considered for the Fellowship selection:

COVER SHEET, with name, address, phone, email, U.S. citizenship, PhD status, AIP Member Society membership, and names of references. Please indicate where you learned about this program.

LETTER OF INTENT, limited to two pages, indicating your reason for applying, scientific background, foreign policy interest or experience, and why you think you would be effective in this position.

RESUME, limited to two pages, with no more than 3 to 5 major publications listed.

THREE LETTERS OF REFERENCE should be submitted by those having direct knowledge of the applicant's character, competence, and attributes that would make the candidate suitable for this position.

ALL MATERIALS may be submitted by email or by mail (postmarked by November 1, 2005) to Audrey T. Leath at:

AIP State Department Science Fellowship
American Institute of Physics
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3843

Email: aleath [at]
Fax: 301-209-0846

Please see our website at or contact Audrey Leath (aleath [at], 301-209-3094) if you have questions or need additional information.

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