House Science and Technology Committee’s Report on COMPETES Legislation

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Publication date: 
25 May 2010

Reports indicate that House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Bart Gordon (D-TN) will bring the America COMPETES Reauthorization Bill back to the House floor.  Two earlier attempts to secure passage of the bill were unsuccessful.

Accompanying H.R. 5116 is a 1,233 page report from the Science Committee with the text of the bill, material related to the committee and subcommittee’s activities, dissenting views, and an expansive statement about the provisions of the 222-page bill.  The explanatory statement is important reading as it provides the committee’s views regarding the programs of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

House Report 111-478 may be viewed here. This FYI may be used by readers to locate some of the sections of the report language.  The pages listed below are the PDF page numbers as found in the box in the tool bar toward the top of the display.  Note that bill language for H.R. 5116 precedes the report language and other material.

Table of Contents for the Report: pdf page 5

Table of Contents for the Act: pdf page 7

National Nanotechnology Initiative: pdf pages 71, 97

National Science Foundation: pdf pages 73, 100, 115

STEM Education: pdf pages 74, 103, 120

National Institute of Standards and Technology: pdf pages 74, 104, 120

Department of Energy Office of Science: pdf pages 75, 108, 124

DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy: pdf pages 76, 110, 132

DOE Energy Innovation Hubs: pdf pages 78, 111, 134

Cost Estimate: pdf page 135

Additional/Dissenting Views: pdf page 213