FY 2013 Request for National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Publication date: 
16 February 2012

In  describing the request for the National Institute of Standards and Technology “The  Department of Commerce Budget in Brief, Fiscal Year 2013”(page 107) states:

“The  NIST Laboratories are part of the President’s Plan for Science and Innovation  that, consistent with the goals of the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of  2010, proposes to double funding for research at key basic research  agencies.  The NIST Laboratories directly  support U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by developing new  measurement instruments and facilities to address critical barriers to  innovation; disseminating validated measurement methods and protocols;  providing reference data, reference materials, and calibration services to  ensure that industry-performed measurements are traceable to NIST standards;  and developing testing protocols and supporting laboratory accreditation programs.”

The  Obama Administration requested the following changes in funding for FY 2013:

Total NIST  Funding:  Up $106.2 million or 14.1 percent from $750.8  million to $857.0 million

Within this  budget are three major programs:

Scientific and  Technical Research and Services: Up $81.0 million or 14.2 percent from  $567.0 million to $648.0 million.

A  NIST budget document briefly describes initiatives in Measurement Science for  Advanced Manufacturing, NIST Centers of Excellence, Measurement Science and  Standards in Support of Forensic Science, Measurement and Standards for  Disaster Resilience and Natural Hazards Risk Reduction, Measurement Science to  Support Advanced Communications Networks, and National Strategy for Trusted  Identities in Cyberspace, as well as measurement research supporting biomanufacturing,  nanomanufacturing, smart manufacturing and other fields.

Industrial  Technology Services: Up $20.6 million or 16.0 percent from $128.4 million to $149.0 million

The  budget document explains this funds the Hollings Manufacturing Extension  Partnership and a new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia.  A NIST release describes these proposed  consortia as follows:  “This new program will establish  industry-led consortia to identify and prioritize research projects supporting  long-term industrial research needs. AMTech creates the incentive for  manufacturers to share financial and scientific resources with universities,  state and local governments and non-profits. The proposed program is a critical  component of the Administration’s emphasis on advanced manufacturing as a way  to accelerate innovation and create high-quality U.S. jobs.”

Construction of  Research Facilities: Up $4.6 million or 8.3 percent from $55.4 million to $60.0 million.

This  budget provides funding for routine maintenance and repair of NIST facilities as  well as the renovation of a NIST laboratory building in Boulder CO.

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