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5 Feb 1993

All indications point to quickening support for the passage of
legislation expanding the federal government's role in technology
policy and economic competitiveness.  A bill has been introduced in
the Senate that is attracting considerable notice, and earlier this
week, two House science subcommittees began hearings on the

5 Feb 1993

An informal briefing this week by the House Science, Space, and
Technology Committee staff provided a good overview of high
priority energy research and other science issues.   The committee
will revisit some issues as well as consider new matters of
interest to the physics community this year.

29 Jan 1993

The 103 Congress is now underway.  As future FYIs report on and
analyze congressional actions throughout the year, the following
list of congressional terminology might be of use to readers:

29 Jan 1993

JOHN H. GIBBONS CONFIRMED BY SENATE:  By voice vote yesterday
afternoon, the U.S. Senate confirmed Gibbons to be Director of the
Office of Science and Technology Policy.  He will also be President
Clinton's science and technology adviser.  One of Gibbons' first
duties will be staffing his office, and it is unknown how Clinton's
goal of reducing White House staff will affect the OSTP structure.
(For further information on the Gibbons' nomination, see FYIs #5,

27 Jan 1993


Word is spreading in Washington today that Dr. Walter Massey,
Director of the National Science Foundation, has resigned.  NSF has
no further information about this development at this time.

25 Jan 1993

On December 15, Rep. George Brown (D-California), chairman of the
House Science Committee, sent a letter to DOE Secretary Admiral
James Watkins, requesting detailed information on the status of the
Superconducting Super Collider.  Watkins responded in a letter
dated January 14, just 7 days before he was replaced as Energy
Secretary by Hazel O'Leary.  The 27-page letter, while mostly
restating Bush Administration positions, serves as a good summation
of the project's current status and will probably be used in

22 Jan 1993

The U.S. Senate approved yesterday the nomination of Hazel R.
O'Leary as the new Secretary of Energy.  This vote came just two
days after O'Leary appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural
Resources Committee.

O'Leary, 55, has been executive vice president for corporate
affairs at the Minnesota-based Northern States Power Company.
During the Carter Administration she worked in a senior position at
the Federal Energy Administration.

22 Jan 1993

Members have been named to the subcommittees of the House
Appropriations Committee for the 103rd Congress.  Of major interest
to scientists and science educators is the Subcommittee on
Veterans' Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, and Independent
Agencies, which has jurisdiction over funding for the National
Science Foundation and NASA.  On the other side of Capitol Hill,
the Senate has determined the membership of its major committees,
but it has not yet announced final subcommittee assignments. 

20 Jan 1993

Following new House rules for the 103rd Congress designed to reduce
the proliferation of subcommittees, the House Science, Space and
Technology Committee has been reorganized.  Its six subcommittees
have been reduced to five.  It retains unchanged its subcommittees
on Science, Space, Energy, and Investigations and Oversight.  The
Environment subcommittee was eliminated, and most of its
jurisdiction taken over by the Technology and Competitiveness
subcommittee, now renamed the Subcommittee on Technology,
Environment, and Aviation.

15 Jan 1993

"...I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of issues as
the Assistant to President Bush for Science and Technology, but
none has been more important to me than those issues involving the
health of this nation's research-intensive universities."
                                           - D. Allan Bromley


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