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13 Apr 1993

CORRECTION: Thanks to an alert reader, it was pointed out to us
that in FYI#47 the budget request for the SSC is listed as $640
billion.  The correct figure is $640 million. 


The Department of Energy has requested $322.3 million for Nuclear
Physics in fiscal year 1994.  The request is an increase of $13.2
million, or 4.3 percent, from the 1993 appropriation.

13 Apr 1993

The Department of Energy has requested $627.8 million for High
Energy Physics in fiscal year 1994.  The request is an increase of
$14.4 million, or 2.4 percent, from the 1993 appropriation.

9 Apr 1993

The Department of Energy has requested a total of $19.6 billion for
fiscal year 1994.  This is a $0.6 billion, or 3.2 percent, increase
from the 1993 appropriation.

5 Mar 1993

In an eleven page letter to House science committee chairman George
Brown (D-California), Secretary of Energy Hazel R. O'Leary
responded to the recent GAO report on the Superconducting Super
Collider (see FYI #27.)  Her cover letter is reprinted in full
below (space does not permit the additional nine pages of
comments), as well as a one-paragraph press statement by Chairman


"Dear Mr. Chairman:

25 Feb 1993

President Clinton has kicked off his plan for the US economy with
a $16.3 billion package of supplemental spending for fiscal year
1993, and the House Appropriations Committee has begun hearings on
Clinton's program.  Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary appeared at
a standing-room-only hearing of the House Energy and Water
Development Appropriations Subcommittee on February 24, to testify
on DOE initiatives in the plan.

22 Jan 1993

The U.S. Senate approved yesterday the nomination of Hazel R.
O'Leary as the new Secretary of Energy.  This vote came just two
days after O'Leary appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural
Resources Committee.

O'Leary, 55, has been executive vice president for corporate
affairs at the Minnesota-based Northern States Power Company.
During the Carter Administration she worked in a senior position at
the Federal Energy Administration.

14 Jan 1993

"When I assumed responsibility as Secretary of Energy four years
ago, the Department was a rudderless ship."
                           - DOE Secretary Admiral James Watkins

So began the 48-page 1993 "Posture Statement" distributed at the
January 8 meeting of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.  The
statement and meeting discussion summarized DOE's accomplishments,
and yet unresolved issues.

8 Jan 1993

On January 6, the Department of Energy and the Russian Federation
Ministry of Atomic Energy signed an agreement to collaborate on the
Superconducting Super Collider.  According to Secretary of Energy
Admiral James Watkins, the Russians will help with the "design,
engineering and production of two of the project's booster

20 Dec 1994

At noon yesterday, President Clinton announced $10.6 billion in
proposed cuts in the Department of Energy's budget over the next
five years.  It could have been worse: there has been considerable
speculation in Washington over the last few days that the
administration might have recommended DOE's termination.

14 Jul 1994

As reported in FYI #104, House science committee members Rick
Boucher (D-Virginia), Sherwood Boehlert (R-New York), and chairman
George Brown (D-California), have introduced a bill, H.R. 4684, to
authorize the Department of Energy's high energy and nuclear
physics programs.


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