19 Nov 2018

The Commerce Department has begun a process to establish new export controls for “emerging technologies,” as required by this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. Quantum information technology is one of 14 technology categories of interest to the department.

22 Mar 2017

Last week, experts in advanced materials testified before a House subcommittee on the potential of their work and the challenges they face. Warning of declining U.S. leadership in their field, they urged increased federal support for R&D as well as policy changes to speed technology commercialization.

10 Jan 2017

The current President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology held its final meeting on Jan. 6. On the agenda were a new report on maintaining U.S. competitiveness in the semiconductor industry, a biennial review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, and an addendum to PCAST’s September report on forensic science. The meeting closed with reflection on the council’s eight years of work under President Obama.

28 Nov 2016

The National Nanotechnology Initiative has released the triennial update of its strategic plan. Among its new features, the plan now stresses the need to further develop the nanotechnology community’s collaboration “ecosystem” and to promote the development and sharing of data, computer models, and simulations.

20 Sep 2016

The National Academies has issued its latest triennial review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, focusing many of its recommendation on the need to foster commercialization. The initiative itself has released a draft of its 2016 strategic plan for public comment.

1 May 2000

"This new technology is very exciting and might lead to discoveries that will change the way almost everything, from building materials to vaccines to computers, are designed and made." - Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN)

24 Apr 2000

About three weeks ago the Senate Science and Technology Caucus had a roundtable on one of the most prominent S&T topics being discussed in Washington this year -- nanotechnology research. Several senators attended this briefing, which was somewhat like a hearing except conducted on a more informal basis. Appearing before the senators were Don Eigler of IBM, James L. Merz of the University of Notre Dame, Alton D. Romig, Jr. of Sandia, and Richard E. Smalley of Rice University. There was, as expected, much interesting discussion that afternoon.

7 Jul 1999

"It's amazing what one can do just by putting atoms where you want them." - Richard Smalley, Winner of 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


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