History Newsletter

Latest issue – Vol. 51 (2019), No. 1 & 2



 - The Lyne Starling Trimble Science Heritage Public Lectures of 2019

 - Melinda Baldwin Selected as First AIP Endowed Professor in the History of Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland

 - A Life in Books: Sam Schweber’s Gift to AIP

 - Preserving the Manhattan Project

 - The First Brazilian Meeting for the History of Physics

 - Kelvin, Wenner, and the Ages of the Sun and the Earth

 - Reconsidering Historical Studies of John Herschel

 - Announcing the Taylor-Wei Dissertation Fellowship

 - Magic Marbled Paper

 - Harvard Project Physics: Curriculum Reform in the Past (and Future?)

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Our newsletter reports on work in the history of physics (and allied fields such as astronomy and geophysics), carried out at the American Institute of Physics and elsewhere. It includes lists of recent publications in the history of modern physics, and reports on papers deposited in archives worldwide. The newsletter is usually issued at the beginning and end of the year. To stop or start receiving your printed subscription, call us at 301-209-3165.