History Newsletter

Latest issue – Vol. 53 (2021), No. 1


 - The Center for History of Physics at Its Core

 - Trivia Night with the Niels Bohr Library & Archives

 - Q&A with Grants to Archives Recipients

 - 2020 AAPM History Time Capsule

 - ESVA Migration FAQs: An Update from Your Friends at the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

 - Vera Rubin: A Life, With Author Dr. Jacqueline Mitton

 - Stephen C. McGuire: Featured Oral History

 - The AIP Foundation Board of Trustees

 - Yoichiro Nambu (南部 陽一郎): Photos from the Life of the Late Physicist

 - Documentation Preserved

 - Friends of the Center for History of Physics

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Our newsletter reports on work in the history of physics (and allied fields such as astronomy and geophysics), carried out at the American Institute of Physics and elsewhere. It includes lists of recent publications in the history of modern physics, and reports on papers deposited in archives worldwide. The newsletter is usually issued in the spring and fall each year. To stop or start receiving your printed subscription, call us at 301-209-3165.