APS April 2014 FHP sponsored meeting sessions

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By Amanda Nelson, Associate Archivist

The APS Forum on the History of Physics (FHP) has arranged five invited sessions for the April 2014 meeting in Savannah, Georgia. Here is some information about the sessions and we hope to see you there.

Nikola Tesla

Session B10: History of Physics

This session ranges in topics from Einstein’s 1929 unified field theory proposal to the origin of the Franck-Hertz experiments to developments in computational physics at particle accelerators. Speakers include:

David C. Cassidy

Session C17: Journeys in the History of Physics: Pais Prize Session in Honor of David Cassidy

This session will be to award the 2014 Abraham Pais Prize for the History of Physics to David C. Cassidy “for his foundational studies on the history of quantum mechanics and his nuanced examinations of physics in Germany and the United States with special attention to the scientific work, personalities, and dilemmas of Heisenberg and Oppenheimer.”

  • David C. Cassidy: Physics, History, and Biography
  • Daniel Siegel: Toward a Rethinking of the Relativity Revolution
  • Brian Schwartz: An Insider’s History of Some of the Significant Changes in the APS from the 1960s to Today

Leo Szilard


Session K17: Gaining Inspiration from Galileo, Einstein and Oppenheimer

This session features three speakers focusing on how to use history of physics to enhance the teaching of physics.

  • Paolo Palmieri: Galileo as an intellectual heretic and why that matters
  • Gerd Kortemeyer: Walking in the Footsteps of Einstein: Why History of Physics Aids Physics Education
  • Cameron Reed: Using the History of Physics to Enrich Your Teaching

Session R17: The Many Worlds of Leo Szilard

As the title mentions, this session features three speakers discussing various aspects of Leo Szilard.

Aerial view of the CERN nuclear research laboratories.

Session Y10: History of the G2 from 1947 to Present