APS March 2016 FHP sponsored meeting sessions

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By Amanda Nelson, Associate Archivist

APS March meeting logoThe APS Forum on the History of Physics (FHP) has arranged five invited sessions for the March 2016 meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on March 14-18. Here is some information about the sessions, check the APS march meeting program for dates and times, and they hope to see you there.

Session A14: Peer Review: History & Issues

  • Mario Biagioli: Plagiarism and Trust in Peer Review
  • Alex Csiszar: The Curious Origins of the Scientific Referee
  • Melinda Baldwin: In Referees We Trust? Controversies over Grant Peer Review in the Late Twentieth Century
  • Daniel Ucko: Where is the trust in the peer review dynamic?

Session B14: The History of Electrical Science

 Joseph Priestley; courtesy of ESVA

  • Victor Boantza: Electrical Enlightenment: Joseph Priestley’s Historical and Experimental Studies of Electricity
  • Robert Crease: Lomonosov’s Electrical Experiments
  • Amy Fisher: Priestley’s Shadow and Lavoisier’s Influence: Electricity and Heat in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
  • Iain Watts: Broken Circuits? International Scientific Communication on Galvanic Electricity During the Napoleonic Wars
  • Bruce Hunt: The Bottom Line: Cable Telegraphy and the Rise of Field Theory in the Victorian British Empire

Session C14: The Author in Dialogue: Steven Weinberg’s ‘To Explain the World’

 Steven Weinberg; courtesy of ESVA

Session P47: Beyond the Lab: Bringing History and Physics to the Public

Erwin Schrodinger; courtesy of ESVA

Session S14: The Iran Nuclear Deal: Physics, Physicists and the Historic Agreement