Emilio Segrè Visual Archives featured in 2014

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By Savannah Gignac, Assistant Photo Librarian

In 2014, photos from the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives were featured in a wide array of media outlets, films, and publications. Here is a sample:

One of our photos was featured in an episode of this year's Cosmos television series.Publications:

Physics Today

Physics World

TC Media’s, Chimie générale

Physics in Perspective

Physik Journal

Charles Steinmetz: Master of Electricity,

The Night of The Physicists by Richard von Schirach

Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics by Douglas C. Giancoli, ed.4

The SPS Observer


Lerner Publishing Group

From local patriotism to a planetary perspective: History of impact crater research in Germany (1930s to 1975) by Ashgate Publishing Ltd

Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)’s, Asimmetrie

MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department's, MIT EECS Connector

Pearson Education Publishing

National Academy of Sciences’ biographical memoirs

Princeton University Press’s, The Good Immigrants: How the Yellow Peril Became a Model Minority, 1872-1966,  

Astronomy magazine,

Cambridge University Press’s, Cambridge Scientific Minds

Maruzen Publishing Co., Ltd.,

Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Niva Tro,

LTC Livros Técnicos e Cientificos Editora Ltda.


Berenberg Publishers, Die Nacht der Physiker. Heisenberg, Hahn, Weizsäcker und die deutsche Bombe by Richard von Schirach


University of Belfast’s Naughton Gallery, TheJohn Bell Stewart Exhibition

Science Museum of London

Dr. Yasushi Nishiwaki (1917-2011) Exhibit at the Tokyo Tech Museum

The Centre for Advanced Imaging

View of the credit at the end of the Cosmos episode.Film Productions:

COSMOS: A Space Time Odyssey

The Mystery of Matter (PBS)

Arte France Documentaries

Wag TV Documentaries

NHK Japan Broadcasting Co.

Travel Channel’s Monumental Mysteries

ESPN’s upcoming biographical documentary on Moe Berg

Uranium – twisting the dragon’s tail (Genepool, SBS Australia, and PBS America)

The Emilio Segrè Visual Archives is thrilled to be featured in so many diverse publications, exhibitions, and film productions. We hope 2015 brings even more donations and features of the world’s largest physics historical photos archives.