NRAO completes work from their 2012 AIP Grants-to-Archives

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The AIP History Programs recently received a very kind email from Ellen Bouton at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Archives letting us know that they have completed work on their project funded by a 2012 AIP Grants-to-Archives grant.

Their project included posting online 55 complete interview transcripts from the 255 interviews in the Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III. They also added brief audio clips for 13 of the interviews. Their online versions pay our online oral histories the highest compliment by using a similar format to our online transcripts! Prior to receiving the grant, NRAO had transcribed or digitized interviews for which they had appropriate permissions that they have prioritized based on their importance to US radio astronomy and NRAO history. With the help of the AIP grant, all of those interviews are now available online. Ellen also mentioned the excellent work of their summer intern, Sierra Smith, who did all the work to prepare and create the web pages and also documented her work in case future funding allows them to digitize more. An announcement about the posted transcripts, including a nice acknowledgement and thank you to the AIP history programs, was in the May 1st issue of the NRAO Newsletter, which goes out to about 6,000 individuals and institutions.

If your institution has archival collections related to physics or allied fields it wishes to process or digitize, apply for our 2013 AIP grants-to-archives by August 15, 2013! For more information visit: