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By Amanda Nelson, Associate Archivist

Welcome to the AIP and the History Programs new website! The History Programs, which includes the Niels Bohr Library & Archives and the Center for History of Physics, pages have some great new features and allow our resources and services to be more easily accessible to the public. We want to give you a quick tour of what’s available and if you have any questions, please nbl [at] aip.org (email us).

History Programs main page

 On our main page for the History Programs, you’ll be able to get a quick glimpse of the newest things happening here with links to the websites for the two programs and some of our resources. This information will be updated when available and resources “From our collections” will be changed monthly to highlight our newest holdings.

“In the Spotlight” is our new blog that will have a new story every week, written by various staff members detailing the work each of us do on a daily basis, new projects we’re working on, books and archival collections we’ve recently received, meetings the staff is taking part in, and other stories related to the history of physics and the allied sciences. These will also go out via our Facebook and Twitter accounts so make sure to follow us. We look forward to giving you a more in depth view of what we do here at the AIP History Programs.

Center for History of Physics home page



The Center for History of Physics home page showcases upcoming events in the world of history of physics and science hosted here at AIP and across the globe. Additionally, it links to our 13 web exhibits, blogs by some of our present and past historians, instructions for researchers wanting to apply for grants-in-aid, and the projects AIP has worked on in documenting the history of physics for the past 50 years.




Niels Bohr Library & Archives home page


The Niels Bohr Library & Archives home page includes information on how to use our resources, visiting and contacting us, quick links to all of our online resources, and a convenient search box for our book and archival (International Catalog of Sources) catalogs. Some of our online resources are still on the old version of our site and we will be starting the transition to move them to the new site in the new year. Enjoy exploring the new sites and let us know what you think!