Into the Stacks - Corinne's Month in Review

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January 12, 2018

Corinne Mona, Library Assistant

Into the Stacks - Corinne's month in review



Hello again!  I will be the first of the assistants to wish our into the stacks tour farewell.  It’s been a great pleasure to give you a behind-the-scenes look at my job and to share some of aspects of it that have excited me over the past month and a half. 






First we had Dewey Decimal System Day, in which we explored how our system is different:

Next we took a look at the title page of a rare Newton treatise and talked a little bit about how to handle rare books.  I often feel in awe of the pieces of history that I come into contact with while on the job!

I followed this up with a fun post featuring two of my favorite book covers ever:

Right before the New Year, I posted a Throwback Thursday picture of our Halloween open house, which was a great time.

Earlier this week I showed you some of my more unexpected library assistant tools: dust brushes!

Lastly, we looked at Sam Schweber’s massive book donation, oral history, and photo from the ESVA collection.

It has been a true pleasure to share a bit of my library life with you.  I will continue to post throughout the year and be sure to look out for Emily’s and Sara’s blog posts coming up later this month!