Update for digitized AIP meeting minutes

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By Amanda Nelson, Associate Archivist

Governing Board meeting minutes banner image.

As part of our continuing effort to migrate our resources to our new Drupal website, we are eager to announce the completion of our digitizing of the American Institute of Physics (AIP)’s Governing Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes. Each set of minutes begins with the formation of AIP in 1931 and is available through 1990. The minutes are restricted for 25 years from the date of creation, so the collection will be added to annually as new minutes are made available.

The Governing Board meeting minutes and Executive Committee meeting minutes have annual landing pages listing:

  • Members of the Governing Board for that year
  • Dates for the meetings held
  • Link to the associated minutes for that year from the other governance body

Executive Committee meeting minutes banner image.And the Governing Board pages also feature photographs of the Governing Board from 1948-1990. Both sets of minutes have navigation on the right hand side of the page to easily move from year to year. Also, at the bottom of every page, there is the ability to move directly to the next or previous meeting’s minutes.

You can find both sets of meeting minutes using the direct links above. They are also linked to our new Islandora hosted Digital Collections under Archival Collections in the AIP Office of the Secretary records, 1931-2000 and to other relevant portions of the AIP website. Finally, researchers can use the AIP web search box at the top right of all pages to find information within the meeting minutes.