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Bromley David Allan F1

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Bromley David Allan F1

David Allan Bromley
Image title: 
Kuehner, Bromley and Almvist in Control Room
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AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Bromley Collection

L-R: John Kuehner, D. Allan Bromley; Einar (Joe) Almvist converse. Caption courtesy D. Allan Bromley: "My research group in the Control Room for the Chalk River 4 MV Van de Graaff accelerator.[...] All of the instrumentation was vacuum-tube based and behind us on the right was a 50-channel multi-channel analyzer, each channel of which had to be separately adjusted at least once a day because the circuitry drifted continually. Our only local laboratory computer at the time was the Marchant desk unit shown here. We were fortunate in having the world's only liter of 3He gas and because we had constructed a suitable recovery system we were able to recycle that liter of gas through the accelerator literally hundreds of times, losing only the 3He nuclei that were eventually driven into target materials. The possession of this 3He gave us a definite advantage over other nuclear physicists worldwide in terms of our ability to study higher-lying states in light nuclei."

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Original format: 
1 photographic print (black and white; 9.5 x 7.25 inches)
Bromley, D. Allan (David Allan), 1926-2005
Kuehner, John Alan
Almqvist, Einar