Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

More than 30,000 photos of scientists and their work

Attention ESVA patrons:

The Emilio Segrè Visual Archives’ site is moving soon and adopting an open access approach to digital image sharing. Once we have transitioned to the new site in 2021, we will no longer charge for our high-resolution digital images or usage fees (note that we do not hold copyright to all the images in our collections and you will still need to obtain permission for those which we do not own).

If you are working on a long-term project, we advise you to wait until the migration is complete so that you may obtain our copies for free. If you cannot wait, email us at nbl [at] aip.org and we will do what we can to assist you. We will not be offering refunds for past purchases.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page on the Ex Libris Universum blog. 

Photo fees


Because there are many print options available, we do not sell prints of our photos. After purchasing a scanned image from us you may have it printed by any local print shop or by our recommended printing source, University of Maryland Printing Services. Please contact Thai Nguyen at tnguyen [at] mercury.umd.edu for pricing and shipping details.


PHOTOS AVAILABLE FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. See our Use Policy for more information. Users may download 75 dpi scans from our online catalog without charge. 300 dpi scans are available for $20 per image. This fee is subject to change at any time.

Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is required at time of purchase.

There is a use fee according to the schedule below for photos for which we hold copyright if the photo is published, reproduced in a product or publicly exhibited.

As a non-profit institution, we do not make any profit in providing these photographs for you. It is only by assessing the use fees that we are able to cover the cost of providing publication quality copies of our photos, preserving the photograph collection according to archival standards, and providing access to the collection by maintaining an online image database.

If we do not hold copyright, we do not charge a use fee. Users are responsible for securing permission to publish from the copyright holder. We provide all the information that we have on copyright holders in the online record for each photo.

Images are for use in educational projects only and must be used in a respectful manner. See our Use Policy for more information.

Individual Use: NO FEE

  • Private display (in home, school or office) .
  • Authors paying for images for a book or journal article out of their own pockets and not receiving reimbursement or royalties from the publisher.
  • Images downloaded from our site and mounted on students’ and professors’ educational, non-commercial Web sites.
  • Use of images in educational lectures and presentations.

Not-for-profit use:

  • For small publications (book printing < 1000, journal circulation < 15,000): NO FEE
  • For larger publications (book printing > 1000, journal circulation > 15,000): $35.00
  • For re-use of the photograph in a new edition of the project (you do not need a digital scan from us): $25.00

For-profit Use (educational only):

  • For-profit use: $85.00
  • Re-use of the photograph in a new edition of the project (you do not need a digital scan from us): $63.75