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Gordon Research Conference E14

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Gordon Research Conference E14

T. G. Berlincourt
Image title: 
Gordon Research Conference 1958
Credit line: 
AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Berlincourt Collection

Gordon Research Conference, Chemistry and Physics of Metals, August 11th to 15th, 1958 held at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, NH. The Chairman was Dr. Krumhansl and Vice-Chairman was Dr. Salkovitz. Among those pictured are A. I. Schindler, R. W. Schmitt, John Reitz, T. G. Berlincourt, John Neighbors, E. I. Salkovitz, George Alers and Harvey Brooks.

Photo date: 
August 11-15, 1958
Original format: 
1 photographic print (black and white; 10 x 7.5 inches)
Berlincourt, T. G.
Schindler, Albert Isadore
Schmitt, Roland W.
Alers, G. A. (George A.)
Brooks, Harvey