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Hainebach Kem D1

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Hainebach Kem D1

Image title: 
Rice Mafia 1971
Credit line: 
Photo by F. C. Michel, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Clayton Collection

Willy Fowler and the "Rice Mafia" at pub lunch at The Green Man in Grantchester near Cambridge, England in July 1971. From left, Kem Hainebach (with Mike Howard hidden behind him), Stan Woosley, Ray Talbot, Dave Arnett, William Fowler, Cliff Morris, and Donald Clayton. Woosley, Howard, and Hainebach were working on their PhD theses at Rice, and accompanied Clayton to Cambridge during three summers. Talbot and Arnett were Assistant Professors at Rice. Cliff Morris was a Rice research student with F. C. Michel, who took this image. This summer influx from Rice gave rise to "the Rice Mafia" joke.

Photo date: 
July 1971
Original format: 
2 photographic prints (black and white; 10 x 8 inches)
Hainebach, Kem
Woosley, Stanford E.
Fowler, William A.
Clayton, Donald D.