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Maiman Theodore F2

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Maiman Theodore F2

Jeff Hecht
Image title: 
Theodore Maiman studies a laser's main parts
Credit line: 
Copyright: Hughes Research Laboratories. For copies and permission to publish, please contact Hughes Research Laboratories, pubs@hrl.com, pr@hrl.com or www.hrl.com.

Atomic Radio Light - Man has created a source of 'coherent' light for the first time in history, a new electronic device called a laser (from Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), a Hughes Aircraft Company scientist has announced. Dr. Theodore H. Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories, where the scientific breakthrough was achieved, studies the laser's main parts, a light source surrounding a rod of synthetic ruby crystal through which excited atoms generat the intense beam. The laser projects the radio spectrum to 500,000 billion cycles, 'lighting' the way for improved space communications and increasing the number of communications channels.

Photo date: 
July 1960
Original format: 
2 photographic prints (black and white; 10 x 8 inches)
Maiman, Theodore H.