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Photos of the Month Archive

What threads of the story of humanity's search for extra-terrestrial life might be lurking in the photo archives? Let’s take a look.
For the February Photos of the Month, let’s examine some of the many noteworthy events that took place in the sciences during the 1960s and how they shaped what was to come.
Herwig Schopper and Abdus Salam present Yoichiro Nambu with the 1986 Dirac Prize of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
To honor what would have been Japanese-American physicist Yoichiro Nambu's 100th birthday, let's explore some images from his life and career.
View of Arecibo Observatory
Join us as we look back at the history of the Arecibo Observatory and some of the research done with this one-of-a-kind telescope!
1957 Christmas party at Columbia University's Pegram Nuclear Physics Laboratory.
Join us to look at some ESVA photographs where science and holidays are intertwined. Many of the physicists in these photos have articles, books, or book chapters at the Wenner Collection, which became part of the Niels Bohr Library & Archives in 2018.
This October, we’re sharing images of physicists meeting with past Presidents as a reminder for all U.S. readers to get out (or stay in) and vote!
Join us as we try to prove that, even when captured in a still image, laughter can be infectious.
Two General Electric biologists remove the contents from a plankton trap.
This month we examine the intersection of the history of physics and the history of biology.
Ruth Titz with Heterodyne
In the midst of July’s relentless heat, we’ve been thinking about different ways to cool off. A personal favorite is the classic ice-cold glass of lemonade. While refreshing, an iced beverage is relatively mild in the grand scheme of coolants. Liquid nitrogen, on the other hand, packs a much colder punch.
James Stith presents a lesson to unidentified students.
Photos of the Month is primarily a visual medium, but this month, it’s time to listen up and reflect.