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Portrait of E. Margaret Burbidge
Join us to honor the late Eleanor Margaret Burbidge with images taken throughout her career.
Annie Jump Cannon
This March we are featuring photos of some recipients of the AAS Annie Jump Cannon Award.
Portrait of Mildred Allen at her 80th birthday celebration at Mount Holyoke College.
For the February Photos of the Month, we are sharing a few of the lovely images from our newly acquired Blustine Collection!
Hedwig Kohn
To promote the work we did for the campaign 1Lib1Ref, we are basing the Photos of the Month on our Wikipedia updates! Each photo will depict the person or entity whose Wikipedia page (or a page related to their work) was revised by staff.
Niels and Aage Bohr
This time of year is often associated with family gatherings. So, for the December Photos of the Month, we're exploring some images of physicists who saw science as a family affair.
Emilio Segrè enjoying the outdoors.
This month, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday, we’ve selected the Photos of the Month with thanksgiving and gratefulness in mind. Join us in exploring some ESVA photos that show facets of life that we're taking some time to appreciate this November.
Participants of the first Pugwash Conference, 1957.
The Emilio Segré Visual Archives presents the Photos of the Month for the time ever on the Ex Libris Universum blog! In light of this, our theme for the month of October is firsts! Join us in exploring some ESVA images that depict scientists who broke barriers, took risks, and received first-time honors throughout their careers.
A race horse’s leg is diagnosed with an x-ray in Lexington, Kentucky.
A collection of some favorite shots which are humorous, endearing, or completely different than what we've shared before. Which are your favorite photos from our collections?
Rosa and Emilio Segrè at Los Alamos in April 1983.
The ways we name things in the field of physics often make reference to remarkable figures in science history. This month, we’re looking at the physicists whose names grace observatories, theoretical concepts, scholarships, and more.
William Walkinshaw cooking hamburgers on a grill.
Whether you’re traveling across the world or just across the neighborhood to a barbecue this summer, let this month’s photos from the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives of summer treats, drinks, and meals get you ready for a summer of delicious tastes.