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Portrait of E. Margaret Burbidge
It's Nobel season and we are showcasing some of the women who were nominated, but never received, a Nobel Prize in Physics.
This month, we're highlighting physicists meeting with world leaders after we were inspired by finding a photo of Prince Philip at the dedication of one of AIP’s former locations in Manhattan.
Our excitement about the August 21st eclipse, which will be viewable across the United States, got us thinking about how physicists and astronomers of the past viewed solar eclipses. As we do every month, we dug into the photograph archives, this time to find some images of solar eclipse expeditions and gatherings.
July’s Photos of the Month take us around the world with John Irwin, showcasing some of the portraits of astronomers taken in his professional travels.
In honor of Father's Day, we’re spending some time this June remembering physicists who were fathers and the men who raised some of the most prominent physical scientists.
Spend some time this May leading up to Mother’s Day reflecting and remembering physicists who were mothers and women who raised some of the most well-known scientists in history.
In celebration of Take your Kid to Work Day, we’re sharing a series of photographs of physicists when they were kids.
We are celebrating Women’s History Month with a set of photographs from our archives of women who impacted their unique subfields of the physical sciences.
One of the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives’ more recent acquisitions is an addition to the Ronald E. Mickens Collection of African-American physicists.
We’re ringing in the new year by bringing you our favorite photographs of physicists kicking back and celebrating birthdays, accomplishments, and special occasions with parties!