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Stuck together like electrons and protons by an electromagnetic force, so were these famous physicist couples.
An extraordinary group of scientists were born in January. Our selection of photos this month include Nobel Prize winners, authors, three Capricorns, and two Aquariuses.
Ada Lovelace is often identified as the first computer programmer. Without computers, the physics community – and world - would be at a loss. In honor of Ada Lovelace’s birthday, we wanted to highlight some of the images from our collection of computers from the past.
This month we highlight our acquisition of the photos and letters of Sergeant Malcolm Thurgood. He was assigned to the WW II Alsos Mission, which sought intelligence on the German nuclear weapons project.
It’s that time of year again … the world awaits the announcement of the Nobel Prizes. Here are some of our favorite photos of Emilio Segrè, pictured with other Nobel Prize winners.
This month we're celebrating the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, winner of the 1938 Nobel Prize and best known for having built the first nuclear reactor.
With Pluto being on everyone’s radar for the past month, we’ve decided to share our images of those astronomers whose careers involved the dwarf planet.
The Fourth of July is upon us! In honor of this Independence Day, we’ve gathered images of scientists and presidents from our past.
Besides this year being proclaimed the Year of Light by UNESCO, it is also a year full of anniversaries of scientific discoveries.
This month’s photo collection urges you to take a cue from Nobel physicist, Ernest Walton, and physicist Samuel Goudsmit, and enjoy the great outdoors this spring season.