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The Fourth of July is upon us! In honor of this Independence Day, we’ve gathered images of scientists and presidents from our past.
Besides this year being proclaimed the Year of Light by UNESCO, it is also a year full of anniversaries of scientific discoveries.
This month’s photo collection urges you to take a cue from Nobel physicist, Ernest Walton, and physicist Samuel Goudsmit, and enjoy the great outdoors this spring season.
A recent discovery in the photo archives revealed an album full of snapshots from daily life in the laboratory. Images depict the facilities, experimental lab equipment, and staff portraits.
In honor of Women’s History month, we are celebrating the careers and contributions of women in physics and the allied sciences.
In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating the careers and contributions of African Americans in physics and allied sciences. Our collection includes notables such as Robert Bragg, Herman Branson, James Gates, Shirley Jackson, Ronald Mickens, and Cynthia McIntyre.
The United Nations has designated 2015 as "The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies." Our historical photo collection documents the impact the field of optics has made thus far.
When they were not at work, scientists from the past enjoyed the holiday season — that time of year that embraces family gatherings, food, and outdoor sports like skiing and skating. Our historical photo collection documents these important occasions.
Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s publication of three papers on the theory of general relativity. These three publications introduced a new framework for physics and proposed new concepts of space and time.
Did you know that there have been five sets of families who have won the Nobel Prize in Physics, either together or separately? We are celebrating the October 2014 announcement by highlighting these familial ties.