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Stern Otto E8

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Stern Otto E8

Image title: 
Bonzenfreie Kolloquium group portrait
Credit line: 
AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Aristid V. Grosse Collection

The photo shows the Danish physicist Niels Bohr at a "bonzenfreie Kolloquium" organized for him by Lise Meitner in Dahlem near Berlin. Left to right are: Otto Stern, Wilhelm Lenz, James Franck, Rudolph Ladenburg, Paul Knipping, Niels Bohr, Ernst Wagner, Otto von Baeyer, Otto Hahn, George de Hevesy, Lise Meitner, Wilhelm Westphal, Hans Geiger, Gustav Hertz and Peter Pringsheim.

Photo date: 
April 1920
Original format: 
1 photographic print (black and white; 5 x 7 inches)
Stern, Otto, 1888-1969
Lenz, Wilhelm
Franck, James, 1882-1964
Ladenburg, Rudolf Walter, 1882-1952
Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962
Hahn, Otto, 1879-1968
Hevesy, Georg von, 1885-1966
Meitner, Lise, 1878-1968
Westphal, Wilhelm
Geiger, Hans, 1882-
Hertz, Gustav, 1887-
Pringsheim, Peter, 1881-1963